Whether you are a seasoned bike enthusiast or are just venturing out into the world of bike riding, it is always a good idea to know what to look for when purchasing new or used folding mountain bikes. Knowing who to do business with, how much money to invest and a few other factors will only aid you on your path to purchasing the right bicycle for you. By determining your answers to these questions, buying a bike to fit your needs will be an easy process as opposed to only buying the first bike that you come across.


It is easy to be lured into buying folding mountain bikes from a departmental store as they come assembled and ready to roll right out of the store at comparatively low prices. A big downside to this method of purchasing a cycle is not being able to test ride it beforehand. It is suggested you seek out professional services from a bike shop when buying your bike as there are a few other advantages to giving your business to a large chain store. Along with test riding the bike, many bike shops will measure you to fit the bike frame. This is important as a cycle that fits you properly aids in the prevention of injuries and general comfort levels.

Another benefit of going the bike shop route is the services that many of these stores offer after you purchase from them. This can include future diagnostics, adjustments and general up keep of your bicycle.There are different aspects to consider when determining your bicycle budget. As is the case with many investments, higher-end bikes cost more upfront but need less maintenance than their economical counterparts. It is not uncommon for bike shops to incorporate service packages in the price of the more expensive models which can be especially appealing to those who ride more frequently.

On the other hand, folding mountain bikes that initially cost less generally need to be adjusted frequently to achieve optimal performance. Another problem with cheaper bikes is the need to replace them every few years as opposed to deluxe models that tend to last for longer periods of time. By determining your level of riding and how often you plan to enjoy your bicycle, you can come up with a budget that suits both the needs of your activity and your wallet.


By purchasing mountain bikes from a bike shop and knowing the kind of riding you plan on doing, you can be sure you will end up with a bike that will fit in with your lifestyle. It is recommended that you visit several different bike shops when shopping for your bike as not every store is looking out for your best interest. By talking with employees at various stores, you can determine if the advice given to you is cohesive and this will assist you in making the decision that is right for you.

Having a folding mountain bike of your own is surely worth. Not only is it worth its terms of price but it brings along a lot of benefits making adventure on rough terrain easy. It gives you comfort and convenience when you are traveling.

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